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You are made of stardust;

You have the strength to move mountains;

Your time is still to come;

You are deserving and worthy.

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Sherlock Screencaps | The Empty Hearse | [43/ ?]

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sometimes in the middle of sex sherlock’s poor overcome mind can’t think clearly and instead of calling john either ‘captain’ or ‘daddy’ he sort of brings then together and ends up saying ‘daptain’ and john suppresses a giggle before stroking his cheekbone and murmuring “of course, sweeteheart”



This took fucking forever to finish. I started this in August. I’ve just been staring at it, half finished, for the better part of three months. 

Yes, I know that’s not how vertebrae fit together. I do not pretend, however, to know anything about serpentine, equine or canine anatomy. 

In ‘The Prose Edda’ Sleipnir is said to be grey in colour.

I made Fenrir blue due because of curiosity about Erik Selvig’s line at the start of ‘The Avengers’ about “not having the harness” for the Tesseract. In the myths, Fenrir breaks out of the first two sets of retrains Æsir attempt to bind him with. IDK I just saw a little bit of equivalency there, SHIELD’s technology not being sufficient to control the cube, where the Æsir could not control Fenrir. [Incidentally, the gods must acquire restraints from dwarves in Svartalfheim in order to bind the wolf. But the wolf suspects them and refuses to be tied unless one of the god stands with his hand in the wolf’s mouth, which is how Tyr loses the arm.]

As for the snake, who the fuck knows. 

I tried to include Hel but that turned out to be way too creepy looking, even for me. 


The Black Sisters.

So at work I tend to get very bored and clean and tidy and rearrange. During one such exercise I found a children’s sticker book (I say found, we’ve stocked it for years. I’d just not looked at it properly before). It was some predictably gender-marketed girly tripe about dressing up princesses with various stickers, which would normally hold only marginally more appeal to me than the lumps of excrement found on top of one of the toilet cisterns last week. But this particular book contained a princess with blonde hair, one with light brown, and one with dark brown hair. One of whom was named Bella. And because I had nothing else to do, my brain immediately made the connection that this book would be much improved if the girls were the Black Sisters: Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa. These are the results.

I know that in the books Wizards clothes are described like they haven’t changed in centuries and yeah, fine, ok. But I kind of like the idea of there being a substrate of Wizard culture that is sort of halfway between the Muggle and the Magical.  My theory of Wizard fashion is that, in the young, it runs more or less parallel to Muggle fashion but stagnates when a witch or wizard gets older. So their idea of fashion (and hair and music and whatever) gets kind of stuck in whatever time period they grew up in. Like how Sirius, Snape, Lucius and Xenophilius all keep their hair longer, as was fashionable for men (if photos of my dad and my uncles are anything to go by). Xeno Lovegood’s dress robes from Bill and Fleur’s wedding was straight out of the 70s and no mistake. And Sirius’ moustache.

Imagine the Marauders in bell-bottoms, Tonks in neon everything and a denim jacket, early 50s necklines on McGonagall’s robes and a cinched waist. *drool*

And that half-Wizarding vein of life wouldn’t stop there. Like pubs that, outwardly, look Muggle and there’s Muggles in them but Wizards frequent them too and they accept Galleons as well as Sterling, they play Muggle music alongside Wizard stuff. Maybe they have entrances to other Wizard streets somewhere in them too. Muggle beers and Wizard whisky. Halfblood cocktails.

[Lucius Malfoy’s Stag do starts off as a pub crawl around Wizard and Half-Wizard London; everyone gets piss drunk, some poor Muggle nearly loses an eye during a game of darts, someone starts a fight and they get kicked out of at least two places, they stagger back to the Lestrange place with Lucius singing Stairway to Heaven, Rodolphus is sick in the greenhouse and everyone falls asleep in the garden.]


Get away from me, John. Stay well back.

So he’s not… I dunno - a criminal mastermind?

Close enough.

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Enjoy the wedding!

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In the heart of the jungle.

Won’t you follow me into the jungle.


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It got better






Omg he looks so cuddly ugh he’s so handsome

This jacket. This hair. This scenery. I’m in love with Autumnbatch.


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you. it’s always you.

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